Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association
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GRRWNA Registration
Your participation in YOUR neighborhood association is IMPORTANT to the quality of life we enjoy in the Greater Round Rock West area.

The Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association has adopted a new membership policy.  Effective January 1st, 2006, everyone living in the boundaries of the association is automatically a member.  No longer are dues REQUIRED. 


That being said, the association still needs funds to operate and we are asking for a voluntary contribution from each household.  These contributions fund the various activities of the neighborhood such as printing the newsletter, the annual picnic, National Night Out activities, and many other issues that come up during the year.


The suggested contribution is $30 per household.  If you feel that is too much, please at least contribute something.  If you feel compelled to contribute more, please do.  Keep in mind that most homeowners associations have mandatory dues of $350 or more per year.


We ask for you to make these contributions at the beginning of the calendar year in order to come up with a budget for the upcoming year.  If you have paid dues in October, November, or December of this past year, you do not need to contribute again unless you wish to do so.

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Mail your check to:
 P.O. Box 1928, Round Rock, TX 78680
Pay by credit / debit card online by clicking the PayPal link below.


By registering, you will be notified on a regular basis of the issues that are affecting our neighborhood. By joining together, we have a more credible representation to the agencies that can affect our quality of life.  Another benefit is getting to know our neighbors better and thereby making our neighborhood a more secure place to live.

NOTE: All of your information is kept private.  All e-mails are sent out privately.  None of your information will be available to anyone outside the association without your permission.

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