Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association
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Next Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday February 20th, 2018


7:00 PM

Grace Lutheran Church

Corner of Round Rock West and Bluff Dr.  (708 Bluff)


Guest Speakers

Representatives from the Round Rock Police Department

With social media seemingly being our "go to" source for our news and facts, many things that are discussed are usually not discussed on a factual level.  Much of it is speculation and can tend to get neighbors scared and unsettled fairly easily.

The RRPD will be here to answer any questions you have and to talk to us about their procedures when handling different kinds of issues that come up in the neighborhood and how they address those issues.

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Please consider your contribution for 2017. Our Association is supported only by contributions and fundraisers. Some of the budget items include National Night Out, our 4th of July Parade, Sponsorships of all three schools in our neighborhood and the Round Rock Serving center, newsletter and flyer printing,just to name a few.

Your contributions are a very important part of the success of our association.  We need your financial contributions to help fund these events and other association activites.  Snail mail a check to GRRWNA PO Box 1928 Round Rock, TX 78681 or use your credit/debit card at  Thanks for your support!

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