Meeting Updates

Summary of Neighborhood Meeting on 2/7/23

Board Officer Election Results

Residents voted to elect Maribeth Ray, President; Shelby Voss, Vice President; Kevin Crane, Secretary; and Megan Wolfe, Treasurer. Each volunteer position is held for one (1) year. 

Brush Cleanup Efforts

Joe Breem, Director of Community Development with the City of Round Rock shared updates about the city's efforts to clean up the brush after the ice storm. 

Residents have 3 options for brush cleanup:

Note: the city will make two (2) passes for brush pickups and attempt to give residents a minimum 24 hr. advance notice before crews come by, if at all possible. It is not necessary to submit a brush pickup request, but doing so will ensure crews make it to your residence. 

Regarding limbs that have fallen into the creek: Joe spoke with the Utilities Director for an answer to this question. The amount of limbs across the city is unprecedented. City and private crews are working in neighborhoods to remove brush but recovery taking longer than we expected. Responsibility of removing limbs from the creek is the resident’s responsibility. The city is removing brush at the curb at no cost to the resident but at this time won’t be able to clear the creek with our staff or contractors. 

If residents need assistance removing limbs from the creek we encourage them to signup for volunteer assistance. Click here to request assistance or to volunteer to help.

City of Round Rock McNeil Corridor Project

The City of Round Rock is reviewing the Transportation Master Plan to address the need for updated signals, sidewalks, and safety improvements. At this time, they are seeking community input before making recommendations. 

Click here to learn more about the TMP update and see the project timeline.

Residents are encouraged to submit their feedback via online survey before March 7, 2023

Click here to be taken to the McNeil Study survey page. Scroll to the bottom of that page to complete the survey.

McNeil Corridor Study Public Meeting Posters

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